The ever so popular string lantern Modified!

I loved this idea that I saw on pinterest!  I wanted to alter it a bit for my home, our bedroom doesn’t have the best lighting due to the dark colour on the walls.  After my last bedroom project, I wanted to keep with the symmetrical feel in a very uneven way!  Doesn’t make sense?  Keep reading to find out!

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Here is the link to my last bedroom project if interested!

Light fixture 1

I created a chandelier of different size and colour string balls.

Here is what I did:


  • Twine (Ace Hardware $5.99 600 ft)

*Might be able to find it cheaper at the dollar store.

  • White Glue (Ace Hardware $6.99)

*Might be able to find if cheaper at the dollar store.

  • Quart Can (Benjamin Moore $1.99)

*You could improvise with something in the home.

  • Brush (Dollar $1.00)
  • Paint Samples (Benjamin Moore $6.99)

*If you have left over touch up paint and you like the colour, you could use that!

*I didn’t try craft paints, but they may work as well

  • Balloons (Dollar Store $1.00)
  • Light Fixture (Ace Hardware $11.99)
  • Edison Light Bulbs (Ace Hardware $10.99)
  • Drop Cloth (Ace Hardware $1.99)
  • Gloves (Ace Hardware $1.99)

*** In the picture below I have Saman Waterbased stain.  I tried this but it doesn’t work as well as I was hoping, so I won’t recommend it.


First and most important!  Cover your work space!  This was a very messy project and you don’t want to ruin anything.

Step 1: Mix your mixture

Pour glue into the quart can, and mix in some water until it is quite thicker than water.  I just guessed at my measurements when doing this.  My first batch, I didn’t use enough glue and the balls are quite brittle, so don’t be afraid to use bglue!  Next you want to add the paint.  Add enough to make the mixture the exact colour as the paint.  You also want to make sure there is enough of the mixture in the can to cover the whole ball of string.

Put the string into the mixture and thread the end through the brush which you will tape to the top of the can.

This trick is great to help eliminate some of the splatter!


Step 2: Wrapping

Now the fun part!  Blow up a couple balloons at a time of the different sizes you want.  I taped the end of the string to the balloon to make it easier at the beginning.  Then I started wrapping the string around and around in every direction.  Because I wasn’t sure which ball I wanted the light bulb to go into, I didn’t worry about leaving a space for it.  I just cut out the hole at the end.  One I had enough string to achieve the look I was going for, I took some green painters tape and taped around the butt of the balloon so I could hang them up to dry.

I had to wait 24 hours before they were fully dry.


Step 3: POP!

This was my favorite part about the project!  Take a pin and pop the balloons!  You may need to help some of the balloon release from the string.

Pull the balloon out and VIOLA!   Below is a picture of all the ones that I did!


Now remember the supplies photo that I had up top? And how I said I wouldn’t recommend using the Saman waterbased stain?  It didn’t colour the string all the way through, so what I had to do was spray paint them afterwards.  I wanted to eliminate that step all together, that was why I added the colour to the glue mixture!  But, now I know for next time and so do you.

Step 4: Stringing Lights

   I went to Fraser Valley Ace Hardware in Mission and asked one of the gentleman what to do.  He showed me two options!  One was easy and ready to go!  A light fixture with cord and everything already put together.  But because of where I wanted these lights, I needed a longer cord and wanted a switch to turn them on and off…  So he showed me exactly how to wire it and put it together!  I feel like an electrician now!  🙂

I bought these awesome old fashioned Edison light bulbs for more character!


Step 5: Make the Chandelier

I used extra string to tie all the string balls together to create a chandelier!  Then I put the lights up and tried my best to hid the cords.

Here is the finished product. 


These have added so much more character to a one boring, dull bedroom!


When lying in bed at night reading our books, these chandeliers create such a soft ambiance in the room!


Now I just have to figure out my headboard!

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