Puzzle Madness Storage

This is a little embarrassing to say to the whole world, but my household loves doing puzzles!  At the end of the night when we all sit down to watch a couple movies, we all work on the puzzle piece by piece!  It’s a great way for our roommates and us to spend some time together.

We would always do the puzzles on our coffee table, which was fine, but the last 5 puzzles we have completed, have been missing pieces!  We would move the couches, search high and low for them, but gone!  I suspect our dog ate them.  Also, some coffee has been spilled on the puzzle…

I know there are puzzle pads out there, but I wanted to make it myself, so here is what I came up with!

puzzle 11

And here’s how to do it yourself!

puzzle 1

The trickiest part about this whole process is finding the right box.  I was able to find a poster box.  It had a a flat piece and then the folded piece to store it in.  I work at a paint store and this is how Benjamin Moore sends us our new posters, you could ask a paint store to hold onto one for you.  Or, U-build kitchen cabinet boxes are the same style!

puzzle 2

Here’s another key element you need for this project.  Also you need some fabric!  I just used some light cotton that I had laying around.  You can get some great patterns at any fabric store for pretty cheap.  Sometimes I have found some great fabrics at thrift stores as well!  It’s a good idea to have the flat piece a solid colour so you can see the puzzle.  But the outside part, have as much fun as you want!

puzzle 3

Cut the fabric is at least 2″ beyond the cardboard.  For the flat piece I did a very light spray adhesive on the front side. (Make sure you stretch the fabric out flat)  Then I turned it over and did a more heavy spray for the edges.  puzzle 4

If you fold the fabric over on itself before gluing it to the cardboard, you will get a nice clean line.

puzzle 5

The fabric is going to help prevent the puzzle pieces from moving around.

puzzle 7

Next, do the same with the protective box!  Make sure you pull the fabric tight to eliminate any folds or bulges in the fabric.

puzzle 8


puzzle 10

Then you want to find a nice ribbon to keep it closed.  You can glue this down if you would like, I did not.

puzzle 6    puzzle 9

puzzle 11    puzzle 12

This will fit perfectly under your couch for the next time you want to puzzle!

Thanks for reading.  I know this was one of my more boring posts, but I had a lot of fun with it!

Check back in for a glow in the dark lamp!

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