Spoon Art

Spoon Art

This is a really easy craft for anyone to do! I was lucky when I found plastic spoons on sale for $0.25!  I picked up 4 packages of 50 in each.  They were smaller than regular spoons, so I ended up having to go and get another 4 more packages!  SO… I ended up using close to 400 spoons!

spoon art 4

I did not take pictures of all the different steps, but it is really easy!

Step 1: Cut all handles of the spoons off.  Try and cut them as even as you can.

Step 2: Cut out a piece of cardboard to the size that you want.  Also cut a circle into the center (would be nice to have a mirror here!)  Keep in mind the spoons will hang off the edge a little bit.  I reinforced the back of the cardboard by hot gluing paint stir sticks to it.  At this point I also super glued some string to the back to hang it.

Step 3: Start gluing down the spoons!  Start from the outside of the cardboard and work your way into the center.  I found it worked better if you left an eighth of an inch in between each spoon.  this gave me a bit of place room with the rows closest to the center.

Step 4: When all the spoons were attached, I spray painted the entire thing!  I made sure I sprayed a lot of the cardboard that was showing in between the spoons.

spoon art 3

If you just wanted one solid colour, then spray and then your done!  Hang and enjoy!

Step 5:  I wanted a different look for mine.  The piece of art is going into my bedroom which is dark royal blue.  I took some left over pain that I had and added a small amount of white paint to lighten it up a little.  I painted the entire first ring of spoons.

spoon art 2

For the next ring, I added a little more white.

And then for the ring after that, I added even more white! You get the picture…

Here it is all finished!  I love how this turned out!

spoon art 1

And here it is hanging above my bed where it was meant to be!

spoon art 4

Thanks again everyone for taking a look at my blog 😀  Stay tuned for my #Stirstickcoffeetable

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