Textured Tree Art

A Textured Art Piece For Your Home

Add a conversation art piece to your home in 7 easy steps! Since I have put this piece up on my wall, I have had so many compliments!  Some want to buy it, others want me to make them one to match!  This was such a fun project to complete and very rewarding!

Tree 11

What you’ll need:

  • Poster Board – $0.50 Dollar Store
  • String – $1.00 Dollar Store
  • Wrapping Paper – $3.00 Ikea
  • Spray Adhesive – $6.97 Walmart
  • Frame – (I found mine at a thrift store for $3.00!)

Tree 1

Step One:

Cut your poster board to the size of the frame you have.

Step Three:

Draw a tree.  You could do any shape that you would like.  I have only tried this with a tree so don’t know how other shapes would look.  If you try a different shape I would love to see your final project!

Tree 2

Step Three:

Cut different lengths of string.  The lengths aren’t too important.  The more random the better!

  Tree 3

Step Four:

Glue the string pieces onto the tree.  I used a spray adhesive for this project but you can use any craft glue.  I liked the spray adhesive because it dries fast and it worked best for the next step.

Tree 4

Tree 5

Step Five:

I used wrapping paper for this step because it was thin and easy to manipulate around the string.  I found this amazing metallic white and gold wrapping paper at Ikea, which is a seasonal product, so you may not be able to find it any more.

Cut the wrapping paper larger than your poster board.  I left myself about 6 inches on either side just to be sure.  Spray adhesive the entire poster board and string, extra on the string I found worked the best.  Starting from the center of the poster board and the wrapping paper, press the paper onto string and board.  Pushing the paper around the risen string as much as possible.  Some of the creases will continue on to the flat surfaces, just try and smooth them out as much as you can.  Just remember this isn’t meant to be perfect!

Tree 7

Tree 6

Step Six:

Paint!  You can use any craft paint.  I had some left over exterior paint in a dark brown that I figured I would use up.  I took a brush and painted just the raised parts of the tree.  It was difficult to get a solid look from the paint, so I left parts unpainted and patchy,  which I feel looks better!

Tree 8

Tree 9

Tree 10

Step Seven:

Cut off all the extra wrapping paper from the poster board and frame your new beautiful art piece, hang up and enjoy!

Tree 11

Thanks everyone for checking out my work! Check back again to see more from the blue house on the corner.

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