Craft Room Storage

Did you know that these                  fit into this perfectly!  

craft closet 6                            craft closet 1

Skubb 9 drawer closet organizers for $6.99 from Ikea will fit photo boxes perfectly!

I have been struggling to get my craft room organized.  I dabble in so many different mediums that it always seems like a bomb has gone off in my room!  Well, the other day I was puttering around trying to organize and I found out that regular photo boxes fit perfectly in my closet organizer I had laying around.  This has been a perfect solution for all my STUFF.  The next day I went to Ikea and picked up two more organizers totaling just over $15.00.

craft closet 1

Then I went to Michaels craft store, and to my surprise the photo boxes were on SALE!  6 boxes for $10.00 (so $1.66 each)  This was the best sale I`ve seen for this item, they are usually $4.99 but frequently go on sale for $1.99.  They always have such fun patterns and colors!

craft closet 6

As soon as I had all my supplies I got down to business!  I used my Cricut to make fun labels for everything I had.  I still have room in my closet to hang more if I need to but currently I have a couple empty boxes just waiting to be filled!   craft closet 2   craft closet 3

craft closet 5

Now my craft room is organized!  I know where everything is and can get to it easily.  If today I want to work on scrapbooking, I can pull out the couple boxes I have and then easily put them back for the next day when I want to paint.

craft closet 4

This photo box and closet organizer idea does not have to stay in the craft room…  How about for a nursery? You could easily store your babies hats, socks, bibs etc.  I could also see myself bringing this storage solution into my linen closet (lets be honest, it`s a junk closet!)

I hope you enjoyed this post and hope this storage solution can work for you.

Thank you for checking out the blue house on the corner,  until next time, have a great day!

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