Vintage Charm Floral Art

Do you have a wall that you need to add some visual interest too?  Here is a great fun way to add some textured, vintage charm to your wall

What you’ll need:

  • *Lots of fake flowers!
  • *Foam Board
  • *Picture Hanger Hooks
  • *Hot Glue gun and glue sticks
  • *Scissors
  • White Spray Paint


This project cost me a total of $10!  I was very lucky and picked up a massive box of fake flowers for $4 from one of my local bid sites.  You can also buy fake flowers at Michaels,  most dollar stores, and sometimes even thrift stores.   This way might cost more then my project, but if you are patient enough, I’m sure you can find a great deal!



The first step is a time consuming one.  You need to cut or pull all the flower heads off of the stems and leaves.  I am a full time mum and work part time, so I got my beautiful daughter to help as much as I could!  She thought it was hilarious when she could pull the flowers apart herself 😀  I  would try and relax when she was in bed and remove the rest while watching a good chick flick!



Now all you have to do is glue, glue, glue! I would sometimes puncture a hole in the foam board so the flowers wouldn’t protrude too much.  There’s no rhyme or reason to the lay out.  The more random the better!  My favorite saying when being creative is this: “Evenly Uneven!”  I also just hot glued the picture hangers onto the back.  The final project was light enough that I didn’t have to worry that it wasn’t strong enough.



I loved how it looked when the boards were all filled up.  But it was too much color for my white bedroom that this was going into.  So I grabbed a whole bunch of white spray paint!  I actually used all my half full cans I had laying around from previous projects.  I have primers, flat, semi-gloss and high gloss paints but I liked the idea up multiple sheens for this project.  It took many coats in many different angles to get a unified look.


If you want an all white look then you will have to acquire all white fake flowers.  The dye from the ones I used was impossible to cover, even with the best of spray primers.



I love how this project turned out.  It was the perfect piece for our bedroom!  You could do this for so much more though!  You could use it for a photo back drop for furniture.  A photo back drop for newborn photoshoots. This would even make an amazing wedding back drop!







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