80’s Headboard turned Book Nook

Do you remember those tacky 80’s headboards? The ones with built in shelves?  They were heavy, and dark, and awkward! Most of the time you could barely give them away for free, but here I was, jumping for joy when I found one for $10! I knew exactly what I wanted to do and already had my inspirational wallpaper on hand.  This was going to be our daughters new book nook!



I started this project by cutting the legs off so the it could sit flat on the ground.  I just used a jig saw for this cut, it wasn’t the most even cut, but I sanded it smooth.

I also took my palm sander to the entire surface.  This just helps the primer stick to the shiny surface better.  As well as remove any imperfections.  You don’t have to sand everything off, just scuff up the surface a bit!

For the seat of this book nook, I actually recycled some of the wood that I had first cut off!  Two of the pieces side by side was an almost perfect fit for what I needed.  I did have to cut a 2″x8″ piece of wood for the seat base.

When all the hard stuff was done, I got to painting!  Well, priming actually.  For this project I used Zinsser’s Bulls Eye 123.  This is an awesome primer for most applications.  I used a primer for maximum adhesion to the shiny surface and to neutralize the colour.

I primed the bench pieces at the same time too!



Whenever I do a project like this, and have to screw wood together, I always use Gorilla Glue!  This stuff is amazing.  One of the best glues I have ever used!  I call it my DIY insurance! It just insures that it’s staying put for good!

One thing to keep in mind when using Gorilla Glue though, it expands!  And if you use too much, it will expand a lot and ooze out of the side of your project.

And because it expands so much, you need to put weight onto the project while it dries, or nail or screw it into place while it dries.

That’s what I did for this project, but I kept the screws in.


When everything was in place, it was time for top coats!  Of course I used my go to furniture paint, Benjamin Moore’s Advance in the Satin finish!  For this project I used one of Benjamin Moore’s most classic whites, CC-40 Cloud White.  This is such a beautiful white, its soft and warm with out feeling too creamy.

With the Advance paint, it is a hybrid, oil based but water clean up! Can you believe how convenient that is!



When all the paint was dry, it was time for my favorite part!  Putting on the wallpaper!  I purchased a roll of wallpaper exclusively to use for these type of craft projects.  I have already used it for 3 other projects! I ordered the wall paper from North Langley Benjamin Moore from this book.  It’s $65.99/single roll but well worth it for the projects I’ve done so far!

Just look at how beautiful it is!  I might even use this for an accent wall in our daughters room when we rebuild after the fire!


I loved revealing this piece to my daughter.  She just loves it! She loves sitting on the bench with the fuzzy pillows I found on clearance!


It works so well in her room and up against the ombre curtains I painted for her.


The cat really likes it too 😀


Thanks so much for reading!  I hope I have inspired you for your next DIY project!  Just remember, just because something is old and ugly, doesn’t mean it can’t be turned into something new and functional!

Take a look here to see how I refinished an Ikea play kitchen to match her book nook!


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