Here’s the second play kitchen I’ve made for our daughter!

So last year for our daughters first birthday, I turned an old entertainment unit into a play kitchen for her!  Then our house was burnt down and it was lost.  But she loved playing with it, it was one of her favorite things!  And now in our temporary house while ours is being rebuilt, we don’t have a lot of space, so the Ikea Duktig play kitchen is the perfect size!  But boy oh boy was it ever boring in my eyes.  So I decided to spice it up!

Old Play Kitchen.jpg

Here was the first one I made for her.  I know its really late but I will soon enough post a full tutorial for this one as well! So stay tuned.

I opted to go with the Ikea Duktig play kitchen because of the size.  This new one will fit right in our kitchen! It is way lighter then the entertainment unit as well.  With the Ikea play kitchen, it can now be moved easily into any room of the house!  But it will go in our kitchen so that she can cook when I cook 🙂


I was able to bring this project into work with me and work on it there.  I am so lucky to have this opportunity!  North Langley Benjamin Moore allows me to work on projects so long as everything else is complete and customers are helped.  I also feel I get a lot of customers inspired for their next DIY projects.



My lovely co-worker Erin just LOVES putting Ikea furniture together and I don’t, so she was a doll and put the kitchen together for me!  I almost wish I would have painted all the pieces before it was put together, but I made it work.







Stix Primer: Honestly, this primer will stick to glass and you can’t scrape it off with a razor blade!  It’s the only one I trust for all the melamine finish Ikea furniture. It’s also great for really shiny surfaces such as varnishes, or even tile!

Advance Paint:  My go to furniture paint, it’s a hybrid, oil based but water clean up.  It is tough and durable like an oil finish but has the convenience of soap and water clean up.  And no where near as stinky as oil based paints.

Saman water based stain and clear coat: The colors that are available in the Saman stain are amazing!  Greens, blues, pinks, and all the natural wood colours!  And the clear coats are so durable even though they are water based!

Krylon Spray Paint: This was my first time using this bright gold spray paint, but I was blown away!  It would have been one coat coverage if I would have sprayed it evenly!  BLOWN AWAY!



Before staining, you MUST sand.  With the Ikea wood furniture, there is a clear coat or a wax on it for protection.  Stain needs to penetrate into the wood and it can’t when there is a finish on it.  Here is a picture of one little spot that I didn’t sand good enough. The stain just wiped off while I was applying it!

The color I used is called Raspberry.  Isn’t it beautiful!?  I have to do about 3 coats to get the rich colour that I really wanted.  This stain dries super fast too!  I was able to do my three coats within a couple of hours.  I know of the label it requires more dry time, but I knew I was going to give the whole piece ample time to cure! Over a month it’s been sitting in my closet before her birthday.

I applied 3 coats of clear coat as well for maximum protection!  With any piece you want to apply minimum of three coats.  The first coat soaks in, second coat levels out, and the third coat is the actual protective coat.

In between the coats of paint, I spray painted all the plastic pieces for the kitchen.  The handles, the legs, the faucet!  I chose gold because in the wallpaper I planned on using for this piece had all the outlining in gold.  So it will all come together beautifully in the end!

I then used a velour roller, a short nap roller with the Stix primer.  Some of the interior of the kitchen was already white so I didn’t worry about priming it. Although it wasn’t an exact match to the off white top coat I was going to be using, you would barely be able to tell.

It was starting to look SO GOOD!  Especially after I applied two coats of Advance paint in Benjamin Moore’s most classic white, CC-40 Cloud White.


I cut a 1/4″ piece of wood to fit the back of the kitchen.  I also did one coat of paint on it as well.  I find that the wallpaper adhesive sticks a lot better, and is easier to work with if it is being applied to at least one coat of paint.


I brushed on the wallpaper adhesive, and placed the wallpaper onto the board.  Make sure you plan out the wallpaper repeat so that it matches exactly.  I used a foam roller, you can also use a sponge, to press out any air bubbles and to make the wallpaper smooth.  When the wallpaper had set for at least an hour, I took an exacto knife and cut off the excess.


Just look at how amazing this is turning out!  OH I just love how this piece is looking!  All my coworkers talked about having kids or more kids just so they could do the same thing!

I used finishing nails to nail the wallpaper board to the back of the kitchen.  Just be very careful with this step… one wrong hammer and the nail could easily come out the side.

When all this was done, I brought the kitchen home.  I had to drop it off before I picked up our daughter so she wouldn’t see it! It stayed hidden under a sheet in our closet.  I let it sit for about 2 weeks to allow the paint and stain to fully cure before I put all the hardware on and the legs on.


This is one of my favorite pieces I have created for our daughter.  She is the best person I know and I want her to always feel special.  And if I can refinish a little piece of furniture every once in a while to show her how much I love her, I will never stop!  Of course this isn’t all I do to show my love, but this helps me de-stress.

She was so excited when she uncovered it this morning!  She’s been playing with it for 2 hours straight so far!  I’m so happy she’s happy!

The kitchen matches her book nook perfectly too! If you want to see how I turned an old 80’s headboard into her book nook, take a look at this! 80’s Headboard turned Book Nook


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