Sofa table upgrade! Learn to do this yourself

One day my little family and I were just driving up to our house when two doors down, I spotted a piece of furniture!  It had my favorite word on it too, free!  My hubby could tell my excitement and right away say no.  Our house was beginning to look like a furniture store with all the projects on the go.  At that time I think I had about 15 project pieces and a few upgrades to current furniture pieces on the go.  And we had a small house.

I finally convinced him that this piece would only take me a couple days and when I was through with it, it would sell in no time!  We also made a deal that I wouldn’t nag him about his golf day he wanted to have the next day.  Little does he know I didn’t care about him golfing and love it when he can get out and do things he loves!  But I put up a bit of a fight anyways just to ensure I could get the piece 😉   We walked down and grabbed the sofa table.


I mostly worked on this piece while our daughter was napping or when she went to bed for the night.

What you’ll need:

  • *Chalk Paint (I used Rust-o-leum in aged grey $29.99/quart)
  • *120 grit sand paper (on hand)
  • *Palm sander with 80 grit sandpaper (on hand)
  • *Paint Brush (Starting at $2.99/up)
  • *Minwax wood stain Jacobean ($8.99/pint)
  • *Minwax furniture wax for dark wood ($11.99)



I first lightly sanded the bottom and legs.  I didn’t need to get it right down to bare wood as I knew I would be painting it, but I did have to remove some of the flaking clear coat. I just used a piece of sandpaper for this process.


Once that was done, I put paper plates under the legs of the table.  This will catch any drips and protects the floor from paint!

This was my first time using the Rust-o-leum Chalk Paint.  I really liked it, although it was a little thinner then a lot of the other chalk paints on the market.  If you are looking for a less expensive chalk paint then this would be it.  It is one of the cheapest on the market, going for $29.99/quart.

I needed to do two coats to achieve full coverage.  Make sure you read the directions for proper dry time.


Once the paint was dry, I took my palm sander with an 80 grit sand paper and sanded down the top.  I like to use a rougher sandpaper because it really opens up the wood grain so it can take the stain easily.


When I had finished the sanding, it revealed so much character to the wood!  I knew when I stained it, it was going to show off this character even more… and it did!


When the stain had dried, which took a while because it is an oil based stain,  I started to distress the bottom.  To do this, all you need to do is take sand paper to it!  Sand back the paint to reveal some of the wood below.  I usually do most of the corners of the legs and the creases of any decorative features.




When I accomplished the look I was going for, it was time for wax.  Wax is used to protect the piece.  Chalk paint is an ultra flat paint so it really attracts finger prints, dirt, and grime.  So the wax is there to help protect it!  I decided to go with the dark wax because I really wanted to give this piece an antique, rustic look.

With the picture to the side, you can see how much the dark wax changed the look of the paint!  There are clear waxes you can use as well and it would have looked like the left side.

You can apply wax with a stiff bristle brush or a rag.  For this project I just used a rag going in circular motions. I applied it on all the painted surfaces and even for the top stained surface.  For the base of this piece I only applied one coat, more for convenience.  But the top and the bottom shelf, I did apply two coats of wax.  I know those two surfaces where going to get a lot more traffic then the legs and wanted it to be the most durable.

Well there you have it! A brand new sofa table from someone’s trash.  I love how this piece turned out!  And like I told my hubby, this piece sold in a week!  And to some really good friends of ours, so I get to see the piece in action now.

Thanks so much for reading everyone.  I hope I have inspired you even just a little and helped you with your next project.




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