Ombre Love – Learn to do this yourself!

So as you may have read in my earlier post, our home had burnt down!  We are currently staying in a temporary townhouse while our house is being rebuilt.  Now I get to decorate this place and then soon our brand new home! I am starting with our daughter’s room.

I went into a couple thrift stores just hoping to find a project I could work on at work.  I was just waiting for inspiration to hit me! And it did, for a total of $24.00!

I was lucky and found the frame on the side of the road. So FREE!  After I found my items at Value Village I did have to go to Michaels Craft store to find some finishing touches for my inspiration,  I found 9 wooden flowers for $5.99, bringing the grand total to $24.00.



I started with painting the base of the chest with a mistint of an off white I had.  It was actually Benjamin Moore’s Vintage Chalk paint so I didn’t need to prime, which is always a bonus.


Although I found brackets to attach the legs, I wasn’t able to use them.  One out of the 4 legs that I bought didn’t have the threaded end in it like it should, so I had to improvise.  I removed the threaded ends from the other 3 legs and came up with a plan.  Using Gorilla Glue, the best glue I’ve ever used! I made pencil marks where the legs would go so they would be even.  I found a board and a gallon of paint for weight.  I applied a small amount of glue to the legs.  Gorilla glue expands quite a bit as it dries and you should really plan for this!  Then I put the board and gallon of paint on top for the weight.  I allowed the glue to dry over night before I painted the legs.


Now for the fun part!  I painted the first coat of each color in sections.  The white was a mistint but very similar to Benjamin Moore’s OC-34 Marble White.  The middle color is 2010-40 Coral Gables.  And the bottom color is 2077-30 Hot Lips.



When the first coat had dried, I applied the second coat of each colour. Then I continued to blend two colours together with the brush.  I had to go back and forth with the pink brush and coral brush to make sure that it looked even.  One tip I can give if you are going to try this yourself, don’t over think it!  You are creating a masterpiece and it doesn’t have to be perfect!  One of my favorite pep talks I give to myself is “It’s going to be evenly uneven!”

Next time I’ll try and post a video for you 🙂


For the frame, I knew I wanted to use it to show case our daughters art work, so I found some picture hanging wire and some tiny screws.  I measured out equal spaces and wrapped the wire around the screws.  Make sure the tension isn’t too tight, I made that mistake at first and had two strands break and had to start again.  Using washers would be a really good idea for this step also, I just didn’t have any on hand.



With the wood flowers I bought from Michaels, I wanted to GLAM them up a bit, so I painted one white with a paint brush…  that was WAY too much work…  So I watered the paint down a bit, found some pipe cleaners, and dipped the flowers in the paint mixture.


Then I applied glitter glue from the dollar store!  It gives the flowers a nice ‘puffy’ look and a beautiful glam sparkly look. I also painted clothes pins white and applied glitter glue on them as well.  This just brings the two pieces together even more.



Then I put it all together!  WOW!  I love this look.  These two pieces are going to be the inspiration for the rest of her new room.  I’m not sure how I’m going to tie everything together yet, but when I do, I will post about it! Stay tuned.

Thank you for reading!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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