Stir Stick Herringbone Head Board

Herringbone!   This is one of my favorite patterns.  I just love it, it’s unique and a classic.  I’ve always known I wanted a herringbone headboard.  I was just waiting for the right room to have one, and finding the right supplies.  And I did!  All for under $20 too!  Can you believe it?!

I had found an amazing blog post by Sew Much Ado on Pinterest that had given me my inspiration.  Isn’t her work amazing!

I had planned on following all the steps that she showed, and was waiting for the right materials to magically appear that would cost me as little as possible!  And then one day, as I was searching my many bidwars sites, a king size head board appeared!  I ended up winning this piece for $14.00.  Can you believe it?!  It was different then my original plan, but I knew I could make it work. stirstick-headboard-makeover-1



The headboard was way too dark for what I wanted in our room, so I lightly sanded the whole frame, and painted 2 coats of my favorite furniture paint.  Benjamin Moore Advance Paint in the pearl finish.  All my trim and doors were done in CC-40 Cloud White and I had lots left over, so no extra cost for me!

This was looking more and more like I had envisioned!


While I was waiting for paint to dry, I began to search on Craigslist and my local bidding sites for some inexpensive wood to create my herringbone pattern.  It was turning out to be a little harder then I expected.  I was hoping to find some old fence panels that I could make work.  I priced out new wood as well but it would bring my project close to $100! I am way too cheap for that 😉  One day at work I was searching online, and my coworker asked stirstick-headboard-makeover-5what I was looking for.  I let her know the project I was working on, and she suggested I use paint stir sticks!  DUH!!  I work at a paint store, why wouldn’t I use paint stir sticks…

I picked out as many of these grayish stir sticks as I could find, which is actually caused by the Pine Beetle!  The gray wood was going to work with my bedroom perfectly,  I had already painted the walls CC-40, Cloud White, with an accent wall of 2112-60 Cement Gray.  I started getting really excited for this project!

I began cutting the wood.  I put about 5-7 sticks together and put hair bands around and used my jigsaw to cut them.  I decided that 9″ was going to be the perfect length for the size of the headboard.


I used just under 160 stir sticks for this project.  Now if a customer came into the paint store and asked for 160 stir sticks, we probably wouldn’t charge for them all, but I did offer to pay $5 for them because I know that we do have to purchase the sticks in order to hand them out for free.

I loved the pine beetle grayed wood, just loved it!  I didn’t love the regular wood colour though, it was just a little too golden for our room.  So I decided to do a wash over top of all the stir sticks. I used some left over paint from my accent wall, 2112-60 Cement Gray, I did a 2:1 ration of water to paint.  I brushed the mixture onto each stick and immediately wiped the excess off.

There is a video on my Facebook page of how I stained them.

When I was ready to put the stir sticks onto the headboard, I found the center of each panel and drew a line from top to bottom.  I then took my square and while holding two stir sticks in place, I found the perfect square, then I marked that.

I started using wood glue for this project, but it took a very long time to set, so I soon switched to my trusty glue gun!  I was recently given a heavy duty Stanley glue gun, which is amazing!  I would highly recommend this to anyone who does a lot of DIY and crafting.  stirstick-headboard-makeover-12  stirstick-headboard-makeover-13

This project was a very time consuming project! There is a lot of gluing and cutting that needs to be done.  But with every stir stick glued on I got more and more excited!  Just look at how magnificent it’s starting to look!

Here’s my amazing daughter helping me out too 😀  She is a huge inspiration for me.  I want her to be proud of me one day, to see that I always followed my passion and dreams so there is no doubt for her to follow hers.

When it came to cutting the stir sticks to the right angels, I didn’t want to try anything complicated.  So I would hold the stir stick in place and use my exact o-knife to mark the right angles.  I would then use a straight edge and run the knife along it a few times until the stir stick would easily break. Sometimes I didn’t quite get the angle quite right, so I would just sand the edges down until it fit.  Then I would continue my gluing 😀

WOW!  I just love how this is turning out!


Just WOW!  Look at all the differences in color because of the pine beetle.  I just LOVE this!





When it was all finished, I needed to clear coat it.  I wanted to protect the wood from oils and also be a bit more washable if needed.  I had some Benjamin Moore Stays Clear at home already.  I really like this clear coat because it’s meant for floors, so it is tough, it is durable!  It comes in three sheen’s, flat, low sheen and gloss.  I had the low sheen, which is my favorite because it isn’t too shiny, but still very durable.stirstick-headboard-makeover-25

When clear coating any wood, you always want to apply 3 coats.  The first coat will soak into the wood, the second will even out the clear, and the third coat will be the actual protective coat.


Even though this is a temporary home we are staying in while we rebuild our house after the fire, it is important to me to create a comfortable home for my amazing family!  I don’t want them or myself to feel like this isn’t our home for the time being.  And I just feel so much more motivated when I have a clean, decorated space!  These projects are a HUGE stress outlet for me as well.


I do want to create a custom, unique art piece for above the headboard.  I am currently saving up all my toilet paper rolls as we speak!


This is a bedroom that I love going into!  I love cuddling up at the end of a long day with a good book or a good movie.  The book I’m reading now is by my Step Mother!  Wind – A Multi-Dimensional Experience!  Take a look 🙂 It’s a very interesting read.


Here’s my inspiration enjoying the new headboard, and a pen on my white bed! :S


And here’s our kitten enjoying the new headboard.


Just look at how spectacular the herringbone pattern is paired with the pine beetle grayed wood!


Also look at how amazing this $2.00 lamp looks!  I custom made the lampshade out of an old sheet and some embroidery hoops!  Check back for that tutorial soon.



Now don’t think I just went and threw out all of the cut ends of the stir sticks… I held onto them knowing that one day I would find a use for them!  And I did… Take a look at this custom art piece tutorial to learn to do this yourself!

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