Stir Stick Accent Art Piece

So you may remember my stir stick headboard that I created.  Remember I said I kept all the cut ends and would eventually find a use for them?  Well I did!  Sometimes my hoarding pays off 😉  Here is a quick, inexpensive way to create a beautiful art piece for any room in your home!

Remember, Sharing is Caring.

I had 160 cut ends of paint stir sticks left over from my Herringbone Headboard project, but now I needed a dramatic piece above my fire place!  I had just spend hours painting the brick, building a mantel and painting the fire place and hearth,  I needed a WOW factor for above the mantel.  In the past I had created a circle art piece with plastic spoons, and that is where I got my inspiration for this piece!

What you’ll need:

  • Foam Board (Dollarama $3.00)
  • Paint stir sticks (Free from the right paint store)
  • Hot Glue Gun (Dollar store $3.00)
  • Spray paint primer (Rona $6.99)
  • Paint (Dollar Store  $1.25)
  • Mirror (Thrift store)


I had a piece of foam board I purchased from the dollar store for $3.00,  so I found the center of it, and made the largest circle I could from it.

I did this by finding the center of the board, putting a thumb tack there with a sting wrapped around it.  I then wrapped the string around a pen to the longest distance I could get away with and drew myself a perfect circle!


After that I made 8 marks on the board so that I could get a semi even placement of the stir sticks.  You could measure it out and make it exact, but I wasn’t going to be too picky with this piece.  Whenever I tackle projects like this, I like to tell myself “evenly uneven” it’s my motto when it comes to crafting 😀


Now just fill in the blanks! If you didn’t want to use paint stir sticks, you could always use the larger crafting popsicle sticks, plastic spoons or forks could work too!


Now for the next layers,  I actually laid out the stir sticks before I glued them down.  In order for it to look the best, I found I had to lay the sticks slightly on top of each other on angles.

OH I just love it when my projects start looking like what I had envisioned!


After all the glue stick were on, I just glued a picture hanger onto the back, so simple!  I did puncture a couple holes in the foam board where the screw holes were so that the glue had something the bite into

. stir-stick-art-9


Now as I was gluing and gluing, I kept thinking about colours.  My original idea was actually white and ombre.  I was thinking gold in the center that drifts off to white around the edges.  I was then going to add gold accents through out the space.

I first sprayed the white and was loving how it was starting to turn out!   But when I started spraying the gold, it just wasn’t looking right, not one little bit!  I actually hated how it was turning out.  It wasn’t even, I couldn’t get the over spray right, it actually started looking really dirty.

What do you think?


I had to re-evaluate.  I thought about what was already in the space, what I had on hand, and some of the larger pieces that were going to be coming into the space.  I had recently painted an accent wall right beside the fire place in Benjamin Moore’s 2112-60 Cement Gray.  The couches we were going to be getting from my father-in-law are a gray colour.  And I am updating this house for our friend while we stay in it, so that when we leave he can sell it!  So neutral, light colours sell, so I opted to paint the stir sticks in the Cement Gray!  I still had some left over paint from the walls so I just used that.  If you don’t have any left over paint, just find or mix a color from some acrylic craft paints!


I was back to being in love with this project!  It was the perfect size, perfect colour and perfect texture for above the fire place mantel.

Now I was on the hunt for a small mirror to put in the center to finish it off.  In the past I had bought a set of 3 round 6″ diameter plain mirrors from the dollar store.  So I went on the hunt, and of course I couldn’t find them again!  That’s the joys of shopping at stores that always change their stock.


I was out at a thrift store one day and browsing the picture and mirror section when VIOLA! The absolute perfect mirror!  It was better then I thought.  And it was only $1.00!  Can you believe it?!  Well I got out my glue gun and put the mirror in the center.

Just look at it.stir-stick-art-18

Look at how amazing it looks.  It’s soft and subtle but still adding the WOW factor with its texture and lines. stir-stick-art-17

Fire Place Upgrade 8.jpg

Take a look at my next post to see how I decorated the rest of the fire place!  The before and afters, the products I used to paint the fire place itself, yes you read right… I painted the actual fire place! (coming soon)

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