My Cousin, My Best Friend

I consider myself to be a very lucky person, a huge part of that is due to my cousin, Michelle.  From the day I was born, she has been there.  We are only 9 months apart you see, and our mothers are sister-in-laws.  We grew up together.  Everything we did, we did together.  She is more then just my cousin, she is like a sister, and my best friend.

All of my most memorable moments, Michelle has been there.  As well as her brother and mine.  The four of us were inseparable!

Here we are my Oma and Opa’s place enjoying the beautiful pond.

We would spend weekends together, alternating parents houses.  We would spend all holidays together.  We would go on family trips together.  Michelle and I even had the same hair style for most of our childhood!  There was even a time when we liked the same boys 😉


I am so grateful that we all had the opportunity to grow up together.  We always had a friend in each other. There is a saying “Cousin’s are your first friends”  and it’s so true.  I know not everyone has the chance to be friends with their cousins, but I would highly recommend it!




We have been through thick and thin together.  With our childhoods not always being the best, we leaned on each other for support from a young age.   Which made our friendship even stronger over the years.

It has been amazing to watch her grow into the most caring, wonderful woman that she is today.  And I am so excited to watch her future accomplishments!


We were lucky enough to be pregnant at the same time even!  Now our children will always have a friend, just like we did.

It was amazing to have someone to talk to about pregnancy and motherhood.  Her and I both have had to distance ourselves from our own mothers over the years because of their life choices.  So we don’t have our mothers to rely on for advice. We rely on each other so much for every day problems.

She is the first person I go to for good news, bad news, sad news…  she always knows what to say to help me though tough times.  She’s the first person I want to tell about anything exciting in my life.  She is the one!

Just look at how cute our kids are!

921231_10153716237575090_887773895166175642_oI am so proud of who Michelle is.  Today is her 30th Birthday and she has accomplished so much in her life.  She has the most amazing family!  Just look at how cute they are!  They built themselves a beautiful home.  And in the last year or so she has created her own business!  On top of being a stay at home mother, she is a photographer.  She started her business with a passion, a passion of finding the beauty in anything she sees, which she does with everything in her life, not just photography!  In the short time she has been a photographer, she has created a very successful business as well as so many lasting memories for so many families.  I would love it if you would support her!  Here is her website and here is her Facebook page for constant updates!


I’m not sure what I would do if I didn’t have Michelle in my life, she is my rock.  She is my best friend.  And I just want to thank her for being her.  I wouldn’t change a single thing about her!  I love you Michelle. Happy Birthday Beautiful.









Now, I know I lean on her so much.  Most days I feel like she’s the only one who understands me.  The only one that can help me through tough situations.  She is the one that I go to when I have bad news, sad news or great news.

Before we

Today is her 30th birthday!  I can’t believe I’ve had a friend for 30 years!  How cool is that!  Our 30 years on this earth together I have had the amazing privilege to watch her grow into the amazing woman that she is today.  She is independent, strong, smart, beautiful, an amazing wife and and amazing mother!  I could go on for pages listing off all the amazing things that Michelle is.

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