Accent Chair Makeover

Coral is one of my favorite colours.  The perfect mix of orange and pink is amazing!   I knew when I picked up two of these chairs for $11.00 I wanted a bright coral colour.  So I went to the fabric store and found the fabrics that would be the inspiration for this whole project!

These were probably the most comfortable chairs I had ever sat in.  You just sunk right in to heaven when you sat in them.  But they needed a lot of TLC.  The cushions had small rips in them.  The arms were scratched and nicked, and some spots had no stain left on them.  I could see the potential!

Coral Accent Chair 13

Coral Accent Chair 2

I went to a fabric store to start looking for my inspiration.  And I found it… and in the clearance section too!  Boy oh boy do I ever love when that happens 😀

Coral Accent Chair 9

From there, I found a Benjamin Moore colour that matched the fabric and had it made in Chalk Paint.  The colour was 2010-40 Coral Gables.  My favorite thing about North Langley Benjamin Moore‘s Chalk paint is you can get it in ANY colour! Isn’t that amazing!

This was my first time using Chalk Paint on fabric.  I didn’t quite know what to expect!  I did a whole bunch of research and read a bunch of different blogs of people who had tried it themselves.  I got some great tips!  But I was still a little leary.

Coral Accent Chair 3

First things first, make sure the fabric is cleaned.  I used a vacuum to get rid of any crud.

Then fill a spray bottle with some clean water.  Spray the fabric lightly, working in smaller sections.  The reason you want to do this is so the paint soaks through the fabric and doesn’t just sit on top.  The water helps draw the paint through the fabric.

You also want to brush in a circular motion so that you cover all parts of the fabric.

I wouldn’t use your favorite brush for this project, it will get trashed!

As soon as I started this project I knew I would need multiple coats as the red dye from the original fabric was starting to seep through the first coat.

Coral Accent Chair 4



The fabric on the chair was a low pile velour type fabric with no pattern.  It seemed to work really well for paint.

After the whole chair was painted (not including the removal cushions) I let it sit over night to dry.  Because you need to spray the chair with water first it takes a lot longer then usual to dry.

When dry, I took a sanding sponge, medium on one side and fine on the other, and I started sanding!  You want to sand in circular motions so that it gets onto all the fabric fibers.  This part of the process is very important.  This is what makes the fabric soft again!

When it was all sanded, I vacuumed away the dust and painted it again.  In total I had to do three coats of paint and three sandings to get full coverage.

In the end, the fabric felt like an outdoor fabric.  A little stiff, but still flexible.  I think if I started out with a fabric that had less of a pile to it, it may have worked a little better. But all in all, I was happy with how it turned out!  I was also covering most of the painted fabric with cushions anyways.

Next I put tape on the fabric around where all the wood was.  I just did a lot of work painting the fabric!  I didn’t want to have any spillage!


I used Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Start primer.  This is an awesome primer.  It’s the closest water based primer to an oil primer.  I wanted to use a primer because of how dark the wood was.  I didn’t want the tannin’s in the wood to seep through and dis-colour the white paint.

After that was dry, I used my trusty furniture paint!  Advance is a hybrid paint.  Oil based but water clean up.  It has amazing self leveling qualities, so minimal brush lines and roller marks!

I use this product so much with my furniture refinishing.

Look at how cute it’s looking already!

I didn’t take pictures of the next steps, and I’m sorry for that.  But what I did was take the existing cushions, laid them on the new fabric, traced it out and then sewed them together.  So simple!  I also created a cute accent pillow in the accent fabric.

Coral Accent Chair 10

This was such a comfortable chair!  It would look great in a living room or a bedroom!

Coral Accent Chair 12

This chair sold within hours of me posting it on Craigslist.  Yes I was very sad to see it go!  But excited when the buyer was so thrilled to bring it into her home!

Coral Accent Chair 11

So in total, this chair cost:

  • Chair $5.50
  • Fabric $15.00
  • Primer – had on hand
  • Paint – had on hand

WOW Just over $20 bucks!

Thanks so much for tuning in!  Don’t worry, this won’t be the last coral piece of furniture I refinish 😉


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