Custom Night Stands

I am constantly looking for potential.  For inspiration from something old or unwanted.  One day I was searching Craigslist like I do and came across a coffee table and side table!  For only $20!  I emailed the guy and picked them up that day.  I just loved the lines of the legs.  I was excited to start refinishing these pieces!

I was so excited when I picked them up that I barely noticed how damaged they were!  But on my drive home my mind kept dreaming of the possibilities.  I wanted to try a bright colour this time!  Do something a little out there and not as traditional.

Custom Night Stands 1

When I finally had a chance to get my hands on these tables, I realized how bad the tops of them were.  You can see with the above photo that the veneer was cracked and chipped.  I thought I could maybe save them so started painting the legs anyways.  I went with a bright teal colour with plans to do a white wash over top.

I tried to make the tops smooth with some  wood filler, but it just wasn’t going to work!  It would take way more effort then I was willing to put in.  I didn’t want to just throw out the tables, so I took of the legs and saved them.

We needed some new night stands in our old bedroom.  And these legs were going to work perfect!

Custom Night Stands 2

I went to the hardware store and bought some 2″x2″ and some 2″x6″ boards. The 2″x2″s were going to be the frame that the legs were attached to and the 2″x6″s sat on top.

Custom Night Stands 3

I cut everything to the right size and then I painted the top boards.  I used a base coat of Benjamin Moore’s CC-40 Cloud White with a dry brush wash of 2123-40 Gossamer Blue and Hc-187 Ashley Gray.

Custom Night Stands 6

The legs I just painted in CC-40, so no more teal.  We were about to put our house on the market and we had a very small Master Bedroom… so I decided to have everything white to give the illusion of a larger, brighter space.

After all the pieces were painted, I screwed them all together.  And WOW I loved these custom night stands.

Custom Night Stands 5

They were functional and adorable!

Custom Night Stands 4

Unfortunately we lost these night stands along with everything to the fire we had just days before we put the house on the market.  But I still loved these pieces!

I learned that even though something doesn’t quite work out the way you think it should, you just have be a little more creative!

Custom Night Stands 7

Thank you for reading!  The next time I make custom night stands, I will be a lot more detailed!


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