DIY Lace Lamp Shade

Do you remember when I gave you a sneak peak at this Lace Lamp shade?  Like MONTHS ago!  Well, I finally got my s**t together and found some time to write this tutorial.  I took a cheap, Walmart bathroom light fixture and turned it into something amazing!  And you can too!

Now here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Light Fixture (Walmart $17.99)
  • 3/4″ x 3/4″ square dowling (Rona $2.99)
  • White Spray paint ($6.99)
  • White Cotton Fabric (I found mine at Value Village for $1.99!)
  • White Lace (I found mine at Value Village for $3.99!)
  • Finishing Nails and Gorilla Glue
  • Glue Gun

DIY Lace lamp shade 1

For the en-suite bathroom that I was working on upgrading, I only needed a three light bulb fixture.  But you can buy larger ones if you need.  DIY Lace lamp shade 6

I taped off the important part of the fixture, the part where the light bulb gets screwed in.  I sprayed 3 light coats of a high gloss white spray paint.

DIY Lace lamp shade 2

Next, I cut the 3/4″to the exact width of the light fixture, x4.  Then I cut 4 pieces that were the length of the light fixture plus 1.5″.  Ultimately I made a wood frame around the fixture x2.  Then I cut 4 pieces 5″ long.

DIY Lace lamp shade 3

Now, using my trusty Gorilla Glue and finishing nails, I started making my frames!

DIY lace lamp shade 4

I let these ones dry completely before I added the pieces to make it a ‘box’.

DIY lace lamp shade 5

TADA!  When it was all dry, I painted the whole frame with a white chalk paint.  I knew that some of the frame would show, and I wanted it to match the white fabric I was putting over top.

DIY Lace Lamp Shade 8

I cut a piece of my value village linen type fabric over top and cut it with a slight over hang.  Then I brought out my trusty glue gun, and glued the fabric onto the wood frame!  I tried to make sure the edges looked as nice as possible.

DIY Lace Lamp Shade 10

Next I glued on the white lace! Same as the linen, but I glued the lace to the inside of the frame, and cut off all the excess.

When the frame was complete… it took my hubby about 2 weeks of me nagging asking, to install the light fixture itself.  In the bathroom, it actually needed to be moved over about 3″ to be centered above the new mirror.  Here is a quick view of what the bathroom looked like before I got my hands on it.  I will post a full BEFORE and AFTER soon enough 😀14956588_1158700377511670_2612473256435601518_n

When the light fixture was installed, the light shade just ever so nicely slipped right onto it! And VOILA, what an improvement!

DIY Lace Lamp Shade 15

It offers a bright, but soft lighting to the room.

DIy Lace Lamp Shade 14

I painted everything in the room Benjamin Moore’s CC-40 Cloud White, and this light shade works so well in the room!

There are a few other custom pieces I created for this room, the shelf you see there, as well as an amazing Makeup Table.  I will be posting those tutorials as well as a full before and after of the whole bathroom shortly!

Thanks so much for checking in!  I would love to hear your feedback.


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