Laying Peel & Stick Tile – Its so easy!

Peel and stick tile is one of my new favorite things!  I used it for the first time in the ensuite bathroom of the town house we’re staying in.  The floor wasn’t in terrible condition before, it just didn’t work with the decor I wanted!


What you’ll need:

  • Peel & Stick Vinyl Tiles (Home Depot $1.35/sqft for this pattern)
  • Exact o Knife (Olfa’s are my favorite)
  • Printer paper
  • Straight edge
  • Scissors
  • Washable Marker


Now here is what the bathroom looked like before I got my hands on it.  It needed a lot of work!14908192_1158731084175266_7646795428843266644_nIf you look past all the junk, you can see the linoleum floor.  There were a couple rips in it and lot of paint splatter all over it.

Bathroom Makeover 3

I painted all the walls, ceiling and vanity before I tackled the floor.  This way I didn’t have to protect it from more paint splatter.

Bathroom Makeover 5

I found the tile at Home Depot for $1.35/sqft!  This whole bathroom floor cost me about $45! Not bad Eh? (Yes I’m Canadian!)

One very important step in this process is to clean the existing floor! Try and remove as much debris as possible!  This was a little tricky because we have a dog and a cat… so there is fur everywhere! But I did my best to vacuum and sweep.  I also used a cleaner on the entire floor.  I wanted to remove as much dirt as possible to the vinyl sticky tiles could stick the very best! I used my Melaleuca cleaners for this job, they are completely safe! So I had my 2 year old help me 😀


I wanted to make this as easy as possible for myself.  So I started right beside the vanity, which I checked was square with the wall.

Bathroom FLoor 4

You want to be very careful when laying the tile after taking off the protective paper on the back.  These are very sticky!  A couple times I dropped some smaller pieces and they were a pain to get off!  And some of the adhesive stayed on the floor too…

I did as much of the full tiles as would fit in the room.  This part was easy!  And went pretty fast too.  As you can see, I laid all the tile with the lines going the same way.  You could always alternate, but in this small space, I wanted it to feel as large as possible.  So laying the tiles in all the same direction worked best for me.

Now for the hard part.  But not that hard!  You can do it!

The random sized edges.  First I laid paper in place and then made an indent with my fingers from the edges of the tiles or the walls.  Then I cut the paper.  Then I laid it in place to make sure if fit!  Sometimes I would have to do it twice just to make sure if fit perfectly!

Bathroom Floor 6

When this was done, I laid the paper onto the tile, making sure I placed it in the same direction as all the other tiles.

Bathroom Floor 7

I used one of my daughters washable markers to mark the corners and angles from the paper.

Bathroom Floor 9

Then I took my straight edge and connected the dots!

This next step you have to be very careful.  You need to use a very sharp exact o knife to cut the tile.  Take your straight edge and apply a lot of pressure so it doesn’t slip.  I started with two light cuts, just to score the tile and to create a track for the knife to slide a little nicer.  Still using your straight edge, cut a little deeper!

For simple straight pieces, you don’t have to cut all the way through, you can just bend the tile and it will snap apart.  But for pieces like the one I showed above, I cut all the way through because of the angle.

Bathroom Floor 8

When it was cut, I placed it in the spot just to make sure it would fit.  Sometimes I would have to trim back spots to make it fit.  This process took a lot of time and patience.

Bathroom Floor 10

A LOT of patience, especially around the toilet.  With these pieces, I spent a lot of time on it to get it just right.  It was really tough too because the linoleum that was down before wasn’t laid flat, it had a few ripples… So I did the best I could!  The bad parts are hidden behind the toilet so you can barely tell!

Bathroom Makeover 5

Here’s the ugly before again!

Bathroom FLoor Makeover 20

And here’s the beautiful After!  What a difference!  This is now a room I enjoy going into!

Bathroom Floor 11

Before I had even found the tile, I decided on a light gray accent wall in the master bedroom and a smokey blue for the vanity and accents, and when I found this tile, it had the exact colours in it!  I couldn’t believe how lucky that was!

Bathroom Floor 20

I just love how fresh and clean this bathroom looks now!  I created a lot in this space, a Lace Light Fixture, a Custom Shelf (coming soon), and a Makeup Table (coming soon).  After all that I’ve done in here, I just love it!

I hope you did too and I hope you feel comfortable enough to tackle your own floor!





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