Wonder How I Get So Much Done?

Some of you may wonder how I get so many projects done.  It may seem like I’m constantly working on something, and most of the time I am!  But I have a few secrets to share with you, especially if you have little kids running around like I do!

If you’ve read my previous post about the fire, then you know that I have a huge revalation (quote from The Good Dinosaur 😉 ) I realized that I was focusing way too much on house stuff, on projects, I would just put on a TV show for our daughter to watch so I could get some stuff done.  I feel like I missed 3 months of her life.  And I feel terrible and guilty about that.

After the fire I also realized how much my family, and my furniture refinishing and DIY home decor is therapy for me.  My family for the most obvious reasons, they are just amazing.  My daughter is my inspiration!  She makes me want to be something special!  The furniture refinishing and DIY home decor has been a huge part of my emotional recovery after the fire.   When I do get a chance to work on projects in peace, I get to reflect on my life, to work through what ever thoughts I have going on in my scatter brain head!

Family 1

SO!  I needed to find a balance.  Life is about finding the right balances!  And that’s what I’ve done.

The best way that I am able to get so much done, is I include my daughter!  She helps me with every single project that I work on, so long as it’s safe for her of course.  I use 99% Benjamin Moore products, which are very low or zero VOC’s so I feel comfortable letting her help me paint.

Family 2

For Christmas we got her a cute little tool set, so she has her own safety googles, hammer, tool belt, etc.  She loves getting dressed up to help her Mumma on a project!


Another way that I am able to get as much done as I do, is I have projects all over the house!  On each floor, I have a different project going, so minimum three at a time.  My hubby hates it 😉  But this way, if our daughter is sick of playing in the basement, we’ll go upstairs, where she can play or help me.  Most of the time if I’m painting a small project, we are both at the table, her painting her beautiful art and me my project.


Family 3
Look at how cute she is!!!

Now, with all of this being said, I still do a lot of games, and fun stuff that she wants to do!  Like I said, life is about finding balance!  We go outside and play for a minimum of 30 minutes every single day rain or shine.  30 minutes are on days when it’s pouring rain 😉  We love walking to the park and then going to Nana’s afterwards.  Or going to the Reptile Guy.  Or hanging out with family and friends!  Don’t worry, I don’t make my daughter be a slave to my refinishing 😉


Another huge way I am able to get my projects done is my amazing job.  I only work 2 to 3 days a week at North Langley Benjamin Moore, but my boss is amazing and lets me work on projects!  Of course after all the store stuff is complete and customers are helped.  But I get to bring in projects, try out different products, and hopefully get some customers inspired to tackle their own DIY projects!

Family 4

My hubby is another huge reason why I’m able to get stuff done as well.  He has no problem taking our daughter to the park, the pool, to the grandparents, just so I can finish up something that I couldn’t while she was around.  Sometimes it’s hard with his work schedule, but we do the best we can.

Now our daughter loves helping Daddy with his projects too!  He takes her fishing all the time, and here she is helping fix Daddy’s truck!  SO cute!!!


And now for sleep.  Here I am, writing this post, at 1:11am…  I should be sleeping.  I should have fallen asleep 3 hours ago!  But when our daughter goes to sleep, I need a little bit of ME time!  And with my hubby working evening shifts, I have the whole house to myself!  So I get to start or finish projects.  And on the odd days when she naps during the day, I get to do some projects then too!


Now you may be wondering, what about all the other stuff?  Laundry, cooking, chores etc…  Well, balance!  When I’m heading down to the basement to work on a project, I grab a load of laundry!  And we try to make cleaning fun… we blast music, our daughter grabs her play broom and we sweep and mop the house together 🙂  And she loves to help me cook!

Myra Cooking.jpg

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  I want to follow my dreams, and my passion so that there is NO doubt in my daughters mind, to follow hers!  We as parents need to lead by example, and be the very best we possibly can for our children.

Stirstick Headboard Makeover 14

I’m here to teach my daughter many skills that she can use in her future!  To help her be the amazing person I know she’s going to be.

Thank you for tuning in.  I know different hobbies are going to need a little different tactics then I use, but keep trying to find the right balance!

I believe we can have it all!  Sometimes its not easy, but it is possible! How I Balance

2 thoughts on “Wonder How I Get So Much Done?

  1. Really enjoyed the blog,Carey. You truly have found the way to balance it all and I love seeing your creativity
    Might just pop by one day to see the projects on all the floors!



  2. Thank you for this, I have been need help in figuring out how to balance all that I’m trying to accomplish with an active and busy 2 year old(I sometimes miss days of her life as well) and a working busy partner! This was helpful!


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