DIY Painted Red Table in 2 Coats!

This table has such amazing lines.  It was given to me by some friends who were downsizing.  I almost didn’t want to paint it because it was hand made years ago back as a high school wood working project.  After I thought about it long and hard, I decided on some paint.  I wanted a dramatic colour, but was undecided between red, blue, yellow or black.  So I asked you!  And by very popular vote, red was that winner.

What You’ll Need:

  • Wood Table
  • Oder-less Oil Primer
  • Colour Sample from Benjamin Moore
  • Roller
  • Brush
  • Sand Paper
  • Stays Clear clear coat

Red Accent Table 2

As you can see, it was pretty beat up.  I had to lightly sand the entire table with a 120 grit sanding sponge to get it all nice and smooth.  When that was all done, I wanted to prime the whole table.  I used an oil based primer for this for a couple of different reasons;  First there was a large felt pen stain on the top that I couldn’t just wash out, and two I didn’t want the tannin’s of the wood to seep through the paint and dis-colour it.

Red Accent Table 1

Whenever I have to use an oil based primer, I like to use Insl-X Odor-less primer.  It still smells, but not nearly as harsh as a regular oil based primer.

After the primer was dry, I lightly sanded the entire surface to give it a very smooth finish.

Now I was ready to paint the RED!  HC-181 Heritage Red from Benjamin Moore to be exact.

I used a brush and a roller combination for the whole table.  And in between coats, I would just wrap the brush and roller in a ziplock bag!  Make sure you squeeze out as much air as possible, then you can keep like this for days and days!

Because it was a smaller table that I was working on, I opted to go for Benjamin Moore’s pint size colour samples.  I had already primed it properly, so I could use this kind of paint.  I would just have to put the right clear coat over top for the most protection!

Red Accent Table 8

While I was painting the table, my daughter was painting her own artwork!

OK… I’ll be honest… I was painting… she came along and touched wet red paint and got it EVERYWHERE!  So I got her all set up to paint her own project 😀

Red Accent Table 10

After the first coat I was in love!   It was turning out amazing!  And even though it was a bright colour, I only had to do 2 coats!  Man I love Benjamin Moore paint for that!

Red Accent Table 9

When the two coats were fully dry, I applied two coats of Benjamin Moore’s Stays Clear in the Low Luster finish.  This stuff is meant for floors!  So you know it’s going to protect your furniture!

Red Accent Table 13

Look at how amazing it looks!  Please ignore the massive dent in my wall that I’ve been procrastinating fixing 😉

Red Accent Table 16

I just love this little table!  What a cute plant stand, night stand or side table!  But it didn’t quite fit my decor.  So I decided to host a contest!  If you want to get in on my contests, then like my Facebook page for your chance!

Here is the table in it’s new home!  A Councillor from the township of Langley B.C. won it and it looks adorable in her bedroom!

Red Accent Table 17

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