DIY Bathroom Shelf

I know it’s been a while since my last tutorial post!  I try to keep on top of it, but lets me honest… life gets in the way sometimes!  Here is a great easy shelf you can make for your bathroom!

As some of you may remember, I’m working on updating an entire townhouse!  The second room I started, was the Master en-suite.  It needed a lot of work!  Green, green everywhere… For some much needed storage, I created this adorable shelf!  Here’s a full tutorial so you can make this too!

Bathroom Makeover 1
Here’s the BEFORE


What You’ll Need:

  • 1″x 6″ cedar fence board ( I bought a 5′ one and had some left over)
  • 3′ of 1/2″ trim
  • Oak toilet paper holder
  • Doweling
  • Finishing Nails and screws
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Paint (I used Benjamin Moore Advance to match all my trim and doors)
  • Hammer, saw, drill


When I started this shelf, I wasn’t quite sure how tall I wanted it or how many shelves I needed.  So I laid my hair spray, moisturizer, toothpaste etc on the boards to figure out the shelf placement and also how tall the whole shelf would be!  I needed this shelf to be as functional as possible in this small space.

When I figured that all out,  I cut 2 20″ boards from the cedar fencing.  I laid the two side by side and measured the width, which was 11″.  I then cut one more cedar piece to that width and then cut that in half long ways.  These pieces are going to make up the little shelves.

Although I loved the look of the wood the way it was, it was looking just a little too rough for the room in was going in.  That is why I added the pieces of 1/2″ trim just to clean up the look of the whole shelf, but most importantly, I didn’t cut the wood too straight 😉

Bathroom Shelf 1

When I had all my pieces ready,  I used finishing nails and gorilla glue to secure the two large boards together.

Bathroom Shelf 4

You wanted to do this front and back of the shelf.  It will be more sturdy, and then also make it so it hangs on the wall nice and flush!

Bathroom Shelf 2

Now it was time to put the shelves on!  I had already nailed a trim piece to the front of the shelves.  I just needed to line it into the right spot, drawing a pencil mark to make it easy to find the right place again.  Then I pre drilled holes, used gorilla glue and screwed the shelves into place.

Bathroom Shelf 6

It was really coming together!

Bathroom Shelf 3

My original thought on the towel holder part was this… but I hated it!  It just didn’t look or feel quite right…  One day I was at a thrift store and found an oak toilet paper holder for $1!  PERFECT!

Bathroom Shelf 7

YUP, that was way better!  I had to purchase a little bit larger piece of doweling,  but that was about 70 cents from the hardware store!   I screwed that into place, and then painted the shelf.   I used Benjamin Moore’s CC-40 Cloud White.

Bathroom Shelf 9

When I had everything the way I wanted it to,  I screwed in the hanging pieces!

Bathroom Shelf 8

I love how this little shelf turned out.  It fits perfect in the en-suite.  The white on white just freshens up the entire space!

Bathroom Shelf 20

This shelf is the perfect addition to the room!  And really easy to make!

Bathroom Shelf 21

Thanks so much for reading!  If you know someone who would enjoy this, please share!

Bathroom Shelf 12


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