Kids Table Makeover with DIY Stencil

At work we have a kids play area.  This is great so parents can take their time choosing their colours and the kids are entertained!  But wow, for a paint store, this table was really drab!  I just couldn’t handle it any more, so I got to work!


We had a couple mistints laying around the store in the perfect colours!


And the perfect type of paint for a kids table.  Here is a quart of black, high gloss AMAZING paint!  It’s called Grand Entrance,  it is a urethane enforced latex paint.  This is the toughest water based paint on the market!   The next best is the Advance,  it’s a hybrid.  Oil based but water clean up!

I painted the legs the black and the top the teal.  Doing 2 coats for both.


After that, I made my stencil!

I knew I wanted cute little polka dots for this table…  I took a file folder (because that’s all I had on hand) and drew a grid on the entire piece.


Then I searched the entire store for the perfect size circle!  This was a lid on a hand cream.


I then traced around the lid on all the centers of my grid.  It was nice and easy to find the almost exact center because the lid was clear.


When I did that,  I realized I wanted the polka dots staggered… so I erased quite a few circles.


This next step you need to be very careful!
Take a very sharp exacto knife and cut out the circles.  This is a bit of a time consuming part of the process, but well worth it!


Next, I laid the stencil on top of the table and with a sponge, I dabbed the black paint into the circles.

It wasn’t perfect, there was a couple bleed throughs, but I like imperfection!


Just look at how cute it is!

I let the table sit for 2 days before I brought it out for kids to play with.  Just to let the paint fully cure and be really tough.  But the kids love it!

kids table stencil 2

And so do I!

kids table stencil 3

This is bright, and fun, and AMAZING!

Where else would you put some fun polka dots?

Kids table stencil 1

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