Wonder How I Get So Much Done?

Some of you may wonder how I get so many projects done.  It may seem like I’m constantly working on something, and most of the time I am!  But I have a few secrets to share with you, especially if you have little kids running around like I do!

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So… our house burnt down…and this is how it changed us

On August 28th 2016, 6:30 pm, our lives were turned upside down.  I remember the look on our roommates face when he raced down the stairs within two steps and yelled FIRE! It was pure terror and confusion.  I soon joined his expressions after I ran upstairs to see if I could help and quickly realized there was no hope.  I yelled at my 6 friends that were downstairs to get out! Call 911 and GET OUT!  By the time we had reached the end of our short drive way, did a head count including the dog, and looked back at the house, we could all tell this was going to be devastating.  The flames rose far above the roof line and even past the trees beside it.  At that point we couldn’t fully see how dramatic it was because we were at the farthest corner from where the fire had originated.

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