Clay Pot Updo

I originally got this idea from Pinterest with adding more clay to clay pots, but I must have used the wrong clay!  It dried and cracked and fell right off.. So I came up with this idea instead!

I wanted something playful and fun on the outside of my planter pots.

What you’ll need:

  • Clay Pots to the size that you want
  • Base coat paint.  (I just used whatever I had in the basement)
  • Glue (craft glue will work just fine)
  • Top Coat paint to the colour of your choice.  Could use spray paint

pot 3


Step 1: Paint the pot with the base paint.  Do two coats and allow to dry. You want to do this because if you don’t, the glue will soak right in and you won’t have any texture to it!

pot 1

Step 2: Put your glue onto the pot in whatever pattern you want.  Feel free to draw it on with a felt pen first and the go over the lines.  Put it on thick enough.  Allow it to fully dry.

pot 2     pot 4

Step 3: Paint your top coat over top!  Spray is easier if you can do it outside.  I was doing it inside so I used a high quality brush to eliminate brush lines.

pot 5

I wanted to add a little more to the pots, so the top rim, I painted white.  As well as painted the raised dots white for more definition!

Make sure you paint at least an inch down from the inside. (Dirt won’t go right up to the rim so you want this to look nice)

You can have so much fun decorating a plain boring clay pot!  Here are just a few that I have completed.

pot 10

pot 11

Just a simple tree

pot 6

pot 9

This one, I picked up some scrap booking pearl beads and glued them right onto the pot. The base colour is Benjamin Moore’s CC-40 Cloud White, their most popular white!

pot 12

On the rim I have used a Modern Masters Metallic paint paired wit a semi gloss for the base.  I glued pink metallic beads to the sides for more interest.

Thanks again for tuning in!  Check back later for more DIY projects.

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