A Tacky Headboard

With all the DIY crafts I have done in our Master bedroom, I didn’t want to just go out and buy a head board.  I needed something that fit in the space that would make both him and I happy.  So this is what I have done.

A Tacky Head Board

Tack Art 11

What you’ll need :

  • Wood to whatever size you need.  At your local building supply store, they have ready to stain pine boards of various sizes!  This was perfect for what I wanted, I used one 16″ x 48″ I got mine for $24.99
  • Minwax stain to the colour of your choice. ( Most paint store and hardware stores will test the different stains for you if you’re unsure of the colour! ($6.49)
  • Latex or rubber gloves ($1.99)
  • Lint free rag.  You could buy these at any paint store or use an old t-shirt
  • Ruler & Pencil
  • Thumb tacks.  I used around 450 tacks. I picked these up at the dollar store ($3.00/3packs)
  • Hammer

Tack Art Supplies

Step 1:  Stain the wood

If you notice the wood has a natural sheen to it before you do any staining, then you will have to sand the wood first. Use the lint free rag and dip it into the stain and apply going with the wood grain.

Allow to dry for 4-6 hours

Tack Art 1

Step 2: Measure

Draw with pencil your border and where you want the tacks to go.  I did a 2 cm border.

Tack Art 4

Step 3: Tack Away

Start pushing the pins into the pencil line until they will stand on there own and you can hammer them in the rest of the way.  It’s up to you whether you want spacing in between the tacks or close together.

Tack Art 2    Tack Art 3

Step 4: Center Piece

I wasn’t sure what I wanted in the middle of this piece when I first started.  I wanted to make it feminine but also something that he would love!  His families favorite football team is the Glasglow Rangers, so I used part of their logo!  He’s going to love this!

Cut out of paper the shapes that you want and place them where you want.  I did a lot of measuring at this step, I wanted it to be perfect!

Tack Art 6

Draw a pencil line around the paper

Tack Art 7

Continue tacking!

Tack Art 5

Step 5: Add Hanger

Make sure that the wire you get is strong enough to hold the piece of wood.  Attached to the back with screws. Such a simple piece of customized art!

Tack Art 8

Step 6:  Hang and Enjoy!

Make sure you either screw into the studs or use the proper drywall screws so your art doesn’t come crashing down on ya!

Tack Art 11

Thanks for tuning in!  Come back soon for more DIY projects.

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