Camouflage Outlets

We have just finished an amazing kitchen renovation, and the other day as I was sitting there admiring the handy work, and my eyes kept getting caught on the plug ins and light switches!  I wanted to do what I could to hide them as best as possible.  This is what I ended up doing !

Outlet 11

Step 1: Pick Your Colours

I brought a piece of my back splash into the paint store and starting matching up the different colours of tile.  **Don’t forget the grout colour** A great way to get a really good match is to actually cross your eyes slightly!  If it disappears when you do this, then you have a good match.

Outlet 12

Step 2: Mix Your Colours

Because I had 10 or more colours of tile, I ended up mixing a lot of my own paint to match.  I used some house paint that I had left around and then also some craft paint.  I mixed the colours as close as I could.

Step 3: Paint Your Grout Colour
This step doesn’t have to be perfect.  I just did one coat, it wasn’t the best coverage, but I knew it would be hidden soon enough.

Outlet 1


Step 4: Tape Your Grout Lines

The only tape I will ever use is Frog Tape for it’s amazing no bleed qualities, it is such a time saver! Unfortunately there is no tape on the market as thin as I needed for this project, so I just cut thin strips and put them on the outlet covers.  Make sure you match the same tile widths as best as you can so it looks the best.

Outlet 2

Step 5: Paint Your Tile

Try and mimic the same back splash that you have as best you can with it’s randomness.

Let dry.

Outlet 3

Step 6: Remove the Tape 

This is always my favorite step 🙂

Outlet 5

Step 7: Glass Finish

Some of the tiles in my back splash are glass, so I took my high gloss nail polish and went over those colours, giving the outlet cover a more authentic look.

Outlet 8

Step 8: Installation!  

Attach all your new outlet covers and VIOLA! Although it isn’t exact, it looks a lot better than the full white covers that were there before.  Now I am motivated to actually grout the back splash!

Outlet 10   Outlet 11

Outlet 9

Thanks for checking in  at The Blue House On The Corner.

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