Bathroom Organization

Bathroom Organization.  Under our bathroom sink was a disaster and has been for a long time.  I have tried a couple different methods but now I have found one that is working great!  Everything has a place now.

Before After

* * *

This is what it looked like before… Like I said, just a disaster!

Bathroom 1a

* * *

First thing I did was take everything out and threw out whatever I really didn’t need.

I took out the middle shelf, and the liner on the bottom.

Bathroom 2   Bathroom 3

I had to give everything a really good clean as well.  I thought about painting over the aqua, but I knew that most of it would be covered up anyways, and the color worked well with my color scheme, so I just left it!

* * *

From the Dollar store I found an amazing shelf liner.  This was actually my inspiration for my color scheme.  I loved how bright and fun it is. Make sure you put some on the edge of the cupboard to hide all of the old.

Bathroom 4

* * *

Measure lots before you cut the piece of shelf liner!

Bathroom 5

* * *

I picked up two Lennart Ikea shelves for $14.99 each!  These are great because they aren’t too wide or too tall so will fit under most cabinets.  Just make sure you measure before you buy 🙂

Bathroom 6

* * *

I wanted a more fun color than the grey they came in, so going with my bright color scheme, I picked up Rust-Oleums 2X Spray paint in Satin Aqua color.

I then applied two coats on the shelves.  Make sure you wait the required dry time it states on the can.  If you don’t, the paint is more likely to fail and flake off.

Bathroom 18  Bathroom 7

* * *

Voila!  A much more fun looking shelf!

Bathroom 9

* * *

I wanted to make sure the shelves them selves were organized, so I went to the dollar store and found these great kitchen canisters.

Bathroom 10

I then labeled the tops of them.  I found letter stickers at the dollar store and to seal them on, I put clear nail polish over top!

Bathroom 11

These were the perfect size for q-tips, band-aids, bobby bins, elastics etc.

Bathroom 12

* * *

For more organizing, I found these great boxes at Ikea for $1.99 each.  I put my nail polish in one, manicure tools in another, extra make up, and whatever else I didn’t use on a more regular basis.

Bathroom 13

I made sure I labeled them all so I know exactly where to find what I need

Bathroom 14

* * *

And TA DA!

I now have a completely organized bathroom! And with bright fun colors too!

Bathroom 15a

Everything has a place and is nice and clean looking!

Bathroom 16a

* * *

Thanks again for checking out my blog!  My next organization project will be under the kitchen sink!  Check back soon to take a look!

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