Save Your Paint for Later

Painting Tip 1 

I see all the tips and tricks around the internet about painting.  Some of them I don’t agree with, others I do!

I’ve been working in the paint industry for 10 years with Benjamin Moore.  Over these years I have painted every room in my house at the very least two times!  I have also had great opportunities to work closely with professional painters, who have all taught me something.  So I want to start sharing some tips with you.

My first tip I wanted to share is how to deal with your roller, brush and tray in between coats of paint!  If done properly, I have had this trick last for a full month! (Yes I was procrastinating :P)

So here it goes.

Tip 1 - 1

When you’re finished your first coat of paint and have to wait a couple of hours for it to dry, or you have to run some errands, or the kids distract you, you don’t want the paint to start drying out before you can get back to it.

Tip 1 - 2

So what you want to do is load your roller right up with lots of paint!  Soaking wet with paint!  Also, you want to put extra paint on the top of the tray as well.

Tip 1 - 3

Next, you want to do the same with the brush.  Load it right up with paint.

Tip 1 - 4

Grab a plastic bag.  The bag should be much larger than the tray itself.  I like to use Glad garbage bags opposed to grocery bags, you have a lot more play room which is what you need.

Tip 1 - 5

Push the plastic bag right into the tray, over the roller, and over the brush.  Push out as much air as you can!  I usually wrap the plastic around the handles of the brush and roller and then use painters tape to seal it any more.

TA DA! You can keep this paint for a very long time if you needed to! Just be careful when you take the plastic bag off, you don’t want to drip paint everywhere!

Thanks again everyone for reading my blog.  Look back soon for more painting tips and tricks!

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