Clay Pot Updo

I originally got this idea from Pinterest with adding more clay to clay pots, but I must have used the wrong clay!  It dried and cracked and fell right off.. So I came up with this idea instead!

I wanted something playful and fun on the outside of my planter pots.

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A Tacky Head Board

With all the DIY crafts I have done in our Master bedroom, I didn’t want to just go out and buy a head board.  I needed something that fit in the space that would make both him and I happy.  So this is what I have done.

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Spoon Art

Spoon Art

This is a really easy craft for anyone to do! I was lucky when I found plastic spoons on sale for $0.25!  I picked up 4 packages of 50 in each.  They were smaller than regular spoons, so I ended up having to go and get another 4 more packages!  SO… I ended up using close to 400 spoons!

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Puzzle Madness Storage

This is a little embarrassing to say to the whole world, but my household loves doing puzzles!  At the end of the night when we all sit down to watch a couple movies, we all work on the puzzle piece by piece!  It’s a great way for our roommates and us to spend some time together.

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